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About Us – Paricoach

About Us

About Us

Paris Millan has come to understand the needs and hardships of owning a small businesses with his first company Pariclin Janitorial Services. Pariclin has been around for 10 years now. During the first year it was just Paris and his wife running the business. Today Paris has over 40 employees working next to him in different projects!

During this time Paris has discovered his passion to help other business owners transform their adversities into learning experiences. His goal is to help business owners learn how to love their businesses and help their employees develop and grow within their business. He does not want business owners to use their business for a tool for money and gain stress from owning a business. He wants them to treat their business with love and not allow their company to own them.

Paris has been working for more than 30 years in the sales department. He started his own business when he was 11 years old at a bazaar in Mexico City with the help of his mother. His mother taught him how to not only sell to a client, but to make a client come back more than once and attract them to the business.

During his time in Mexico City he learned the importance of customer service working for G.M. Mexico. Where he assisted on the road, helping customers repair their cars and solve customer problems regarding warranty within their units.

When Paris moved to the United States he worked for a food delivery service called “Waiters on Wheels.” Paris was then promoted to food delivery manager. Being a manager he learned the different types of challenges faced by small businesses.

Paris attended the Universidad Tecnoligica in Mexico where he took 4 semesters of Accounting Career. He graduated in personal improvement courses such as Insight Contacto. He also has a certificate for being a facilitator of Psych-K and has been renewing the certification process since 2001. He is also learning new business strategies with The Growth Coach which helps business owners break down their own barriers that are preventing them from realizing their dreams and reaching the goals that are proposed in their businesses.

Paris believes that all his success in business comes from a balance of several aspects of life. Which are; health, family, finances, spirituality, and mind. He calls these aspects the Wheel of Life. Paris strongly believes the if one manages to maintain balance in these areas, then they will be able to achieve success in their business. To achieve this balance, Paris has spent 7 years creating a mindset in which every 3 months he evaluates his goals and creates new expectations while sharing knowledge with other business owners. Also, included in this mindset is a book of personal growth, with the purpose of learning new techniques to improve ones business and ones personal growth.