The Child In Me

The Child In Me

Recently I remembered the people who damaged me in the past and influenced my life, both positively and negatively. I realized I had already forgiven them. I even told myself that they cannot hurt me anymore.

Yet I keep asking myself why I still feel anger and resentment towards those people from my past. And why do I judge people sometimes? Especially the ones I love the most. I asked God, why?

I have already forgiven them because I had the courage to do so. I even told myself that I am healed. But recently I realized that all the forgiveness I have given was given by the adult version of myself.

Back then those people were hurting a child. They humiliated, abandoned, betrayed, and were unfair to this child. This is when I realized that the child in me is still hurting. He does not want to let go of the memories.

As a child I just threw tantrums when something bad happened. Sometimes in our adult lives we get transported back to our childhood memories. That is why we explode when we argue with our loved ones. They remind us how we were damaged as a child.

So, today that child made a decision to start working on it. I asked for forgiveness and promised him that I will hug him and love him and tell him not to worry ever again because nobody is going to hurt him anymore! I told him that I am here to protect him and take care of him and heal him. Together we are going to play and enjoy life again! You can do the same thing at this moment. Wake up. Trust in yourself, because I trust you!

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