This message is dedicated to you!

This message is dedicated to you!

That person who likes to buy things you don’t need followed by having to store things you don’t need. That person who sees a sale or an offer and chooses to buy something even when you don’t need it.

That person who doesn’t dare to chase after your dreams out of fear. Fear of what your family, friends, and co-workers would say.

That person who stays in the same job for a “safe” paycheck and decides not to start doing what you would really like and what you have always dreamed of doing.

Yes, for all these reasons, this message is for you!

Until what time will you allow this to continue? When are you going to make the decision to overcome your fears and cut the chains that tie you to your interpretations and excuses?

When you decide to look back to the past and examine it, what prevents you from living fully in the present? You were meant to live a life of abundance manifesting all the gifts that God and life has for you.

They say that many of us die young but aren’t buried until years later. If you see that you are not doing what you like, what is the reason you are in this life?

Change your thoughts and give yourself the opportunity to live in fullness. Just look inside yourself for your health. It’s time to experience everything that this life has saved for you!!

I trust you!

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