Psych-K® Facilitator

We are like computers. Yes, we are. When we were born, we did not have any beliefs. We did not know the difference between right and wrong. And we did not have any information whatsoever. While growing up we acquired all the information we know today. Some of that information was stored in the deepest part of our brains. This happens when we do not want to remember it because it hurts so much.


We are like computers in that when we get a new computer it does not have any information, just the basic programs. Just like us! But when you start using the computer you start downloading things and they get stored. When you no longer want or need a program you delete it. However, it isn’t really deleted. It’s still stored deep in the hard drive. Even though you cannot see it, it is still there. To truly delete, or access, this “deleted” information you will have to go dig into the computer’s hard drive.


The same thing happens with us. To access to the information that we have “deleted” we must dig into our subconscious mind. As a Psych-K® facilitator I can help you access this information and change it to your advantage. I will help you to:


-Identify your limiting beliefs using a muscle test or kinesthetic test


-Change those beliefs to achieve your true potential


-Change bad habits that are affecting your life and people around you


-Overcome traumatic experiences such as losing a loved one or experiencing a broken relationship


-Better communicate with people you love.

Public Speaking Coaching

One of the biggest fears most people have is speaking in public. In this program you will learn how to attract and keep the attention of your audience, and how to end strong..

Personal Coaching

Everyday life has a new challenge. Sometimes we have so many tasks, goals, and activities to finish that we never complete a single one. It can get overwhelming and frustrating. Personal coaching can help you finish your tasks and activities, and achieve your goals. This will leave you with extra time to spend with your family and loved ones. Paricoach helps you by:

-Changing your beliefs

-Adopting a different point of view of the challenges in your life

-Reprogramming old and unhelpful habits using a technique called “Psych-k™”

Professional Coaching

Being a business owner entails challenges, disappointments, making decisions, being a psychologist, and even being a baby sitter. Paricoach will give you the tools you need so you can make better decisions and learn from you mistakes. You will learn to see mistakes as an opportunity to grow, and most importantly learn how to balance your life and have fun during the process. Paricoach will help you achieve:

–Greater productivity:
To reach your goals at a shorter time

–Greater efficiency:
We will help you use all the resources you have available to do things right
and get better results.

–A clear strategy:
You will plan your goals and execute them at a higher level while prioritizing
tasks and activities.